Why we should all be learning another language…

It is often said that those who can speak more than one language have greater job opportunities, more cultural sensitivity and better mental health. Yet these are just a few of the immediate benefits of learning another language, and there are many more besides.

International research continues to prove just how worthwhile it is for students to be multilingual, regardless of age. So here are some of the less well-known (but equally important) reasons to become a polyglot:

The University of Chicago revealed that people who master at least two languages tend to be more rational when making financial decisions. The basis for this is that the brain has to review and re-review its interpretation when translating from one language to another. This helps to ensures no errors have been made. This skill leads multilinguists to be more confident in how they make decisions as they are often subconsciously scrutinising their own linguistic thought processes. Subsequently this self-analysis helps them make better decisions, and this is notably seen in financial decision-making processes.

Furthermore, research from Pennsylvania State University evidenced that students, and children in particular, are more easily adapted to alternating between different assignments including speaking, reading and writing. In effect, if you have learnt to speak more than one language, the chances of you being able to multitask well also increase! As well as being better multitaskers, research also showed polyglots are likely to be better drivers as learning more than one language could help decrease mistakes when driving.

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