What are the benefits of a private tutor?

It is not uncommon for parents to consider using a private tutor to boost their child’s academic performance. Whilst this is a financial investment, it is one which can reap dividends for the child for years to come.

Here are just a few of the reasons which highlight why your child can benefit from having private tutor:

1. No distractions

Children can struggle to maintain their focus in the classroom at the best of times. There are many distractions which can steal their precious learning time. Using a private tutor can secure a learning environment outside the classroom which enables your child to study more effectively. The private tuition approach ensures greater oversight of your child’s progress and the additional support to boost their learning development at their pace and level.

2. Room for discussion

In the school environment, classes regularly contain around thirty pupils, meaning not every voice can be heard in lessons. It is possible for quieter children to shy away from raising their hand, asking questions and participating in classroom discussions. The ratio of one teacher to thirty pupils can mean that not all children get quality individual time to discuss their thoughts and raise questions. Alternatively, a private tutor can spend quality time teaching your child at their individual level and further explain topics the student has not yet understood.

3. A tailored learning environment

However, for those pupils who are academically gifted, a private tutor can further stretch and develop their academic abilities. In a classroom of thirty children or more, tailoring lessons to suit the needs of all pupils can be a challenge. A private tutor can bring new challenges and opportunities tailored to the individual child, their learning style and needs, so that every pupil can excel and fulfil their potential.

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